Joel & Yuki Wedding | Eagle Fern Park, Portland, Oregon

a Burgundy red color barn with huge white door in a cloudy day

window decoration hanging down from the curtain

a wedding dress hanging from a door and a bride is putting her shoes on

three bridesmaids are helping each other with hair style

groom's mom is watching at bridesmaids getting ready patiently with a coffee cup in her handbride and bridesmaids are smiling towards the camera

a bridesmaid is doing hair for the other girl

a groom is getting helped getting ready from other best men while himself is in the middlea groom is pouring himself and other best men alcohol to kick off the wedding daygrooms party is toasting and celebrating the wedding daygroom's party are standing in front of a red barn while looking straight into the camera

groom's party are casually talking while walking towards to the camera

bride and groom are doing their first look behind the venue in the woods

a groom is holding his bride's face while kissing her after their first looka groom and a bride are chatting and kissing after their first looka groom and a bride are smiling into the camera while the bride is holding her berry color bouquetbridal party are getting together for a formal group picture in the woodsa bouquet is laying on a white chair and a groom is putting his boutonnières on

a musical band plays soft music using cello and ukulele .bridal party and groom party laugh at the couple for making a kissa three-layer white color wedding cake with green leaves as decorations on the side and donutsbride's father is walking her down the aisle slowly towards the groom

everyone from the wedding are listening to the officiantwedding ceremony started by announcement by the officiant is reading his vows while a couple guest are looking at him

a bride and a groom are holding hands while laughing at each other by a joke made by officiant

groom's parents and his grandfather are watching at them making vows

bridal party closed their eyes and blessed for their love and relationshipa groom is kissing his wife in front of all the guestsa newly married couple are interacting with the guests at their weddinga bride and a groom walked out the ceremony and had big smile on their facesa bride and a groom are smiling at each other standing on a bridgea bride looks at the camera with her bouquet in her handa groom is kissing his bride under the wedding valeone guest is holding a plate with Mexican food.a cello at a wedding ceremony with bride and groom standing next to ittwo best men and one bridesmaid are celebrating the moment with newly married couplebride and groom are making a toast with their guests at wedding receptionwedding cake and some flowers for decorationbride and groom are doing their first dance with a sudden dipsome guests are singing the song along with music while the couple doing their dancingbride's family are filming her and her father doing their dancingguests are enjoying the dancing floor with upbeat musica girl with long hair is dancing wildly with one of her hands up

Wedding Venue: Eagle Fern Park
Food/Catering: ¿Por Qué No? Taqueria
Bartender: Marie’s Personable Bartending Service (Marie Wodaege)
Wedding Chairs/Rentals: Ohana Party Rentals
Florist: Judy Ramer (private)
a chair for wedding photography logo

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