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Earlier in July this year, I was lucky to have this opportunity working with Julie – an amazing wedding planner from Something Bleu Wedding & Event Planning. We know each other through another wedding photographer, Sarah, who shot Julie’s wedding back in June! How funny! (Now they both are my friends!) Honestly, it was only my third wedding as a second photographer so I was so nervous as I expected. During the whole wedding, Julie made sure everything was great and treated our vendors so nice as well! I can’t be grateful enough for her help and assistance that day and this is why I asked her to be featured on my blog so that more couples can get to know her! I understand some couples prefer doing everything in terms of wedding planning by themselves for all kinds of reasons. Let’s dive in today’s interview with Julie and see what professional says about it!


Wedding Venue: Searles Castle At Windham, New Hampshire

Wedding Planning: Something Bleu Wedding & Event Planning

Instagram: Julie


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Yes! That is Julie! She is doing her job:)


What brought you into wedding industry?

It’s a long story, but I will keep it short! I’ve always loved events and have a huge eye for detail, and am very organized. I loved planning themed parties for friends, Halloween parties, St. Patrick’s Day parties, and the like. Then friends started becoming engaged and getting married. One year I attended 5 weddings and knew I wanted to be apart of them, actually help plan them. I truly fell in love with weddings. So in 2014 I opened shop and started planning weddings and have loved it ever since!

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What is your favorite part of working with brides and grooms?

I love being there on the big day and ensuring all the final details are met. I primarily focus my skills as a Day of Wedding Coordinator, that is my signature wedding package. I take a lot of pride in making the couples wedding day as flawless as it can be. Seeing couples thoroughly enjoy their wedding day, and feel calm because they know I can be trusted to handle all the little details is something I take great pride in. I love when the bride and groom approach me and tell me how happy they are that I am there and making sure everything is “just right”. It’s a wonderful feeling!

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How can you help couples choose the right wedding vendors?

Being in the wedding industry since 2014 has given me over 5 years to get to know many wonderful vendors. Each wedding I work is really different and I have been fortunate enough to have met and worked with some amazing wedding vendors each season. I build a solid repore with other vendors, so when clients reach out, I can match the couple with a vendor that fits their personality and budget.

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Tell us some unique wedding moments you’ve encountered.

One June I worked at a beautiful, lakefront wedding at the family’s home. It poured, and I mean poured! The food tent was about 20 feet away from the main tent where guests were eating and dancing. I spent over an hour walking with guests by holding an umbrella over them to keep them and their food dry as they went from the food tent back to the main tent.

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I had to hair spray a dance floor at another property that was held at the family’s beautiful estate in Manchester by the Sea, MA! The sprinklers overnight had soaked the wooden dance floor. I dried the dance floor with towels, but it was still slippery later in the day, so I found hair spray, which made the wood “tacky” and safe for guests to dance on.

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I know you just got married in June and you did all planning by yourself! What did your own wedding look like?

Yes, I did just get married in June! It was actually a second marriage for me, so we opted for something smaller, and more intimate. We had about 30 guests which were immediate family and our 2 closest friends. It was really lovely and simple. We got married outside overlooking the beautiful Boston city skyline at the Granite Links Golf Course in Quincy, Ma. We had the best time driving around in the golf cart taking pictures on the sprawling property with our amazing wedding photographer, Sarah A. Coon. We had some special touches like my bridal bouquet and my husband and my sons boutonniere that were made entirely of seashells made by my aunt who owns Seashells In Bloom, a nautical wedding store and gift shop in Newport RI. My husband and I both love the ocean, so it was a great touch for us and something we’ll always have!

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Do you have any tips for future brides and grooms in terms of planning?

Find a wedding planner that fits your personality and budget! Be realistic with your wedding expectations. Choose your top 3 “must haves” when you are wedding planning. Knowing what is important to the bride & groom and what you can live without, or spend less on for your wedding day will help you stay on track and keep you budget.

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Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I grew up as a dedicated equestrian and rode horses from 5 until I was 26 years old. During that time I owned 3 horses, competed competitively in the Dressage ring, and belonged to an Intercollegiate riding team in college in Virginia. They are incredibly graceful and majestic animals!

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